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Watermelon Ribs

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Williamson County Fair Winners!

On August 2nd, we were honored to participate in the first Loveless Cafe Biscuit Contest at the Williamson County Fair. Entrants had to create a recipe that incorporated scratch biscuits, and the results were wonderful! Our very own chef Scott Peck of Loveless Event Catering and assistant pastry chef Melinda Dibble had the distinction of judging all of the amazing biscuit submissions. Scott and Melinda enjoyed all of the dishes they tried, but in the end felt three dishes distinguished themselves as the prize winners.   Pictured below, all three winning recipes have all been added to our online recipe library, so grab some Loveless Biscuit Mix and start cooking!  Submit pictures… READ MORE >>

Loveless Memories

107 My parents (Roger & Linda Goostree) and my Grandmother (Gladys Goostree) visited the Loveless Café last Sunday for Breakfast.   My grandmother is the expert biscuit maker in our family. She turned 90 years old on  January 8th of this year. We wanted her to try the world famous biscuits. We all agreed they are delicious, but not as good as hers of course!   Thank you all for making our Sunday road trip a memorable one.   Marla Knight    

— Marla Knight

Darren at the Loveless with Carol Fay Dear Loveless Family,   My wife and I took the bike out early one cold September morning to get a picture at Loveless. Our niece , who lives in Cleveland, OH, had seen The Biscuit Lady on TV. Carol was very friendly, warm, and welcoming. She was at the front door when we arrived.   Even though we only met Carol once it was an honor and we will miss her. We send our regards to her Friends and Family.   Darren Pardue    

— Darren Pardue

Ronnie M. visits the Loveless On behalf of Corvettes Limited in Los Angeles, CA, thank you for your generosity. My husband is a native from Tennessee. We have been fans of The Loveless and the Biscuit Lady for years. Two years ago four of our club members toured Memphis, Nashville and Bowling Green (to see the Corvette Factory). We made it a point to introduce them to The Loveless. They talk about the GREAT food, awesome gift shop and good southern hospitality to this day. A small group will travel across the country from Los Angeles (by Corvette) next year to again visit Bowling Green… they already have the Loveless on the list of “things to do”. We will visit again soon! –... READ MORE >>

— Ronnie M.

Just had to let you people know how your establishment is a “memory” for my wife and me. Today marks our 46th wedding anniversary. The memory? …We spent our wedding night at your motel! I was discharged from the Marines in 1959 (stationed at Clarksville Base). Married a Nashville girl. Best move I ever made.   Three years ago, we stopped to eat in the cafe. The motel may not be open, but you still have great food. We have a Loveless Motel magnet on our fridge! We wish you the best! God bless you all.   Regards,   Jim & Pat Floyd Jacksonville, FL

— Jim & Pat Floyd

Loveless Drawing by Jacques LeBlanc I was in Nashville for about 3 weeks this past July with my son while he was recording an album. It was my first time in Nashville but I was smart enough to know that I had to eat at the Loveless Cafe (numerous times) during my stay! I loved it!   I have a couple of pictures that I took of the Loveless Cafe and its sign as well as a few graphics I did after I arrived home.   Thanks for making me feel so at home during my stay. I will be back soon.   Jacques LeBlanc

— Jacques LeBlanc

91 June 2006   We’re coming back this June! Definitely!   Jack & Gail B. Tamaqua, PA  

— Jack & Gail B.

neonsign Just visited your cafe this evening. Visiting my daughter and her boyfriend that live in that area. We live in Michigan and have heard many good things about your place.  The food was to die for.  We ate family style, getting catfish and pulled pork.  The reason for this note is to compliment you on your food and the wonderful service provided by our waitress Barbara.  We can’t wait to return to this area and visit your restaurant once again.   Sincerely, Candi M.

— Candi M.

92 Hi Loveless Cafe-   My 4 kids and I embarked on a massive roadtrip this summer driving from Dallas, TX all the way up to Boston, MA. We stopped everywhere inbetween. We stopped on a whim at your place after seeing the exit on 40. What an awesome surpise was awaiting us! We were SO road weary by that point (on our way home after 3 weeks on the road!) and stopping there really lifted our spirits. Here are a couple of pics from our visit.   Thanks-   Melissa Kenny  

— Melissa Kenny

MMP-SIgn1-150x150 Have only had the pleasure of going to the Loveless Cafe once…Feb of this year and it was the best experience ever!   The food was fabulous, the people wonderful and shopping around the grounds was a pleasure!   What could be better than visiting?…..of course nothing but the next best thing is your new Website!!!   It is so exciting to know that I can be a part of the experience even when I’m still in FL!   Thanks for such an easy to navigate site that is almost as wonderful as being there!   Candy K. Saint Augustine, FL

— Candy K.

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