Plan Your Visit to the Loveless Cafe

Are our biscuits calling your name? Well, check out our tips on planning your next visit to the Loveless Cafe.

Loveless Cafe Blackberry BBQ Sauce

We’ve combined our famous Blackberry Preserves and our Sweet with a Bite BBQ Sauce to create this brand new Blackberry BBQ Sauce! Enjoy!

Free Mason Jar Mug

Get a FREE Mason Jar Mug when you purchase two of our Moonshine Mixers! Try ‘em both or stock up on your favorite. Offer ends Thursday!

Neon Bride photo contest

Were you married at the Loveless or know someone who was? Send us your #NeonBride photo for your chance to win!

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Baby Sign

You Ought to Share Some Pictures!

Since just about everyone has a cellphone with a camera these days, folks are taking more pictures than ever. That’s certainly true here at the Loveless; every day we see you taking pictures with our famous neon,  of your tasty food and even posing in our photo cut-out! We see lots of these pictures when they are shared on networks like Facebook, Instagram and Twitter, but we want to see more of them. The best way to share your photos with us and your fellow Loveless fans around the world is to include the hashtag #MyLoveless when you post them online. When you do, we might… READ MORE >>

My Loveless

Recently I was in Nashville for a week attending a conference for work. I was on the phone to a friend of mine who lives in Memphis and he said, you have to drive to the Loveless Cafe and have some chicken! Living in Las Vegas I don't often get a chance to have southern cooking! So off I went to the Loveless. As soon as I drove up I knew I was going to love the place. Read More

— Missy D.

IMG00128 We always say that if we're within 100 miles of the Loveless Café we'll go! When part of our family is there, we will take a picture of our food to send to the others to make them jealous! Read More

— Meg S.

022 I just wanted you to know that I have been trying to get to the Loveless for years and I finally made it last week!  I was NOT disappointed, the biscuits and the service were great.  I hope to be back soon!!

— Damon C.