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Hot biscuits from the Loveless Cafe

Hot, buttery biscuits are only one thing served on the Loveless Cafe menu!

Home cooked breakfast from the Loveless Cafe

Homecooked country breakfast served all day, every day.


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Loveless among Eater’s ’18 Essential Nashville Restaurants’

The folks at Eater Nashville have just released their updated list of The 18 Essential Nashville Restaurants, and we’re so pleased to be on it! We just love being a part of the dynamic Music City food scene, and are thrilled to be listed among such great company. The article includes a fun description of all 18 places and an interactive map to help you find them! Check it out!

My Loveless

Ronnie M. visits the Loveless On behalf of Corvettes Limited in Los Angeles, CA, thank you for your generosity. My husband is a native from Tennessee. We have been fans of The Loveless and the Biscuit Lady for years. Two years ago four of our club members toured Memphis, Nashville and Bowling Green (to see the Corvette Factory). We made it a point to introduce them to The Loveless. They talk about the GREAT food, awesome gift shop and good southern hospitality to this day. A small group will travel across the country from Los Angeles (by Corvette) next year to again visit Bowling Green… they already have the Loveless on the list of “things to do”. We will visit again soon! –... READ MORE >>

— Ronnie M.

Loveless Cafe Sign-Photo Credit-Miller Mobley150 We were on vacation in central Tennessee to celebrate my 60th birthday. Our plans included a show at the Blue Bird Café, so my husband said, “Find a restaurant in Nashville you’d like to have your birthday dinner at and we’ll go!” I contemplated steakhouses, Italian restaurants, etc., but decided what I really wanted was fried green tomatoes. My search for country style cooking led me to the Loveless Café, and we were so glad it did! Our experience there was top-notch, from the wait staff to the food to the prices – all were excellent! The smoked pork chops (3 on each plate!) satisfied us for dinner, and we had enough left over for... READ MORE >>

— Margie W.

MMP-SIgn1-150x150 Dear Loveless Cafe, My friend and I have visited and spent a week in Nashville most every year now for the past 10 years. Our first visit to The Loveless was 6 or 7 years ago and we’ve been back every time we’re in town. In fact, we eat at The Loveless several times during the week we’re in Nashville! I cannot get enough of your homemade biscuits and peach preserves! We had the privilege of meeting and talking to Miss Carol about her famous biscuits. What a fabulous lady she was! Oh, and the watermelon ribs…amazing! We were a little apprehensive to try the ribs by their name alone, but one bite of those incredibly tender,... READ MORE >>

— Teresa C.

Liz-Loveless Hi-   I just moved to Nashville in May and I brought my parents to Loveless on their first trip down.   Can’t wait to return!   Liz    

— Liz

Pimento cheese and fried green tomato biscuit= Unbelievable! #myloveless() Pimento cheese and fried green tomato biscuit. Unbelievable!

— Matt

106 Our family visited Loveless Cafe and we thoroughly enjoyed ourselves!  We had a wonderful waiter who made it a memorable experience.  He entertained our daughters with scientific “magic” experiments and took the time to do a special drawing of our little one, Mya.  Which is the photo attached.  We traveled from California to vistit family and were lucky enough to see your world famous establishment.  The meal and atmosphere were all that we expected and more.  Thank you for the memories.   Christine Koedel   Mike, Christine, Mya and Sara Koedel, Trabuco Canyon, CA & Bob & Linda Koedel, Franklin, TN   

— Christine Koedel

Sign                                 We love it when folks share their Loveless Cafe experiences with us. If you have any stories, pictures or videos involving the Loveless, we want to see them! Here are some examplesof what wer’re looking for: Your visits to the Loveless Cafe or other parts of the property You making a Loveless Cafe recipe from our cookbooks or website You sporting your stylish Loveless Cafe apparel (We love baby pictures in this category) Recipes you’ve created using Loveless Cafe items Any other Loveless-related experience you might have   You can share your stories with us in a couple of... READ MORE >>

— Share Your Loveless Experience with #MyLoveless

Just had to let you people know how your establishment is a “memory” for my wife and me. Today marks our 46th wedding anniversary. The memory? …We spent our wedding night at your motel! I was discharged from the Marines in 1959 (stationed at Clarksville Base). Married a Nashville girl. Best move I ever made.   Three years ago, we stopped to eat in the cafe. The motel may not be open, but you still have great food. We have a Loveless Motel magnet on our fridge! We wish you the best! God bless you all.   Regards,   Jim & Pat Floyd Jacksonville, FL

— Jim & Pat Floyd

MMP-SIgn1-150x150 I love the new website. I lived in Nashville from 2003 to 2010 and every time I had a visitor in town I took them to your place. The website has wonderful photography that can does its best to portray the true feeling of a southern home but a true taste of the fair can only do Loveless Café justice. I also like the Barn page with all the live entertainment options. I wish I had gotten to see that while I still lived in town. I will be back soon and bringing my significant other with me as we visit my family for thanksgiving! You guys have been around forever and I hope you... READ MORE >>

— Alicia G.

Loveless-Motel-Sign My Loveless HAM!!!!   We ordered a big ole honkin country ham from you guys last week and we soaked it for a couple of days and cooked it today. Just had to tell you that it is the best country ham I have tasted since my days growing up on the farm in Red House Virginia when my grandfather killed his own hogs and always had a bunch of hams curing in the old smokehouse. I thought they didn’t know how to make em like that anymore, but now I know where to get one! We ate at the Cafe a couple of summers ago during a trip to Nashville and picked up a catalog. We will be ordering country hams from... READ MORE >>

— Debbie R.