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Mason Jar Mary with Pickled Okra

Mason Jar Mary with Pickled Okra
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Mason Jar Mary with Pickled Okra


You have got to give this a try… we rimmed the glass with Loveless Cafe Seasoned Salt, then garnished it with Applewood Smoked Country Bacon and Pickled Okra.



  1. Cook bacon to package instructions and set aside. Be sure not to cook it too crispy because it will break apart when placing on the skewer.
  2. Rim your favorite glass with Loveless Cafe Seasoned Salt by rubbing the glass rim with your lemon wedge and dipping it in Seasoned Salt on a plate.
  3. Follow instructions on the Mason Jar Mary Mix and pour into the glass.
  4. Take your cooked bacon and okra and arrange on a skewer, placing the end of the bacon first then the okra then the bacon, so the bacon surrounds the okra.
  5. Top your Mason Jar Mary glass with a lemon wedge and the bacon and okra garnish.
  6. Start Sippin’!