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Bacon Infused Whiskey


Seems like bacon is all the rage these days! This very easy and simple recipe pairs up the woodsy flavors of Tennessee whiskey with the smoky flavors of Loveless Cafe Bacon – a perfect match!



  1. Cook the bacon until crisp, but not burned.
  2. Place three strips (more or less if you would like) into a jar and fill with the whiskey so the bacon is completely submerged.
  3. Let sit at room temperature for 12-24 hours.
  4. Over time, the fat will start to separate and float in the whiskey.
  5. After 12-24 hours, place the jar of bacon and whiskey in a freezer overnight.
  6. Using a funnel and coffee filters, pour the frozen bacon whiskey through to catch any droplets of fat.
  7. Replace coffee filters as necessary and once complete, filter the entire batch once more to ensure clarity.
  8. Store in mason jars.