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Loveless Happenings

Iroquois Steeplechase


​Around here, one of the biggest social events of the year is the Iroquois Steeplechase. Held the second Saturday of each May, it’s a sure sign that spring is in full-swing and summer is just around the corner! We’re always excited…

Spring at the Loveless Cafe


Spring has sprung here at the Loveless Cafe. It’s a great time of year full of sweetness, beauty and fun! Here are just a few of the highlights making Spring 2016 so wonderful! Spring Flowers If you follow us on Facebook or Instagram,…

Loveless Cafe Menu Madness


It seems almost impossible to identify the single best item on the menu at the Loveless Cafe, but this year, during basketball tournament season, we’re going to try! We’ve identified 16 of the most popular items we serve here at…

What’s Your Loveless Love Story?


Despite what the name suggests, we’ve heard a lot of love stories through the years that involve the Loveless Cafe. From the #NeonBrides who have posed under our sign on their wedding day, to the happy couple who had their first date here…

Win Predators Tickets and a Loveless Cafe Gift Card!


Check out these seats! How would you like to attend a Saturday Nashville Predators’ game, sit 10 rows off the ice and get a $50 Loveless Cafe gift card? We’re giving you five chances to do just that with our…

Loveless Dessert Tasting with Manuela, Passion For Baking


Here at the Loveless Cafe, we have lots of love for dessert! We make homemade pies every day, we share recipes using Loveless pantry products, and our Pastry Chef, Christa Nash, is always creating new and exciting desserts to delight…

Thanks for Sharing Your Thoughts!


Loveless fans are great at giving us feedback! In fact, Loveless Cafe is the most-reviewed restaurant in Nashville on the popular review site TripAdvisor. We certainly love to hear great things but we listen closely to everything, including suggestions on…

Williamson County Fair Biscuit Contest Winners


We recently had the enviable task of judging the 2015 Loveless Cafe Biscuit Contest at the Williamson County Fair. Entrants were asked to cook, bake or create an entree, side dish or dessert incorporating homemade biscuits, and they certainly did!…

You Ought to Share Some Pictures!


Since just about everyone has a cellphone with a camera these days, folks are taking more pictures than ever. That’s certainly true here at the Loveless; every day we see you taking pictures with our famous neon, of your tasty…

Loveless Events: Your Wedding is All About YOU!


No two weddings are alike because brides and grooms, and who they are as a couple, are different! With an engagement and the subsequent wedding planning often comes pressure: peer pressure, family pressure, and financial pressure. It can be overwhelming….