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Whole Pork Butts

Order a Whole Pork Butt​ to go!

Here at the Loveless Cafe, our pulled pork barbeque is a local menu favorite, whether it’s on a sandwich, stuffed in our BBQ Omelet, or served atop hoe cakes with our scratch-made sides. We smoke this scrumptious pork for 22 hours, low and slow, over real Tennessee hickory wood in our Smokehouse. In addition to our BBQ Family Packs, now you can order a fully-cooked Whole Pork Butt to take home and pull yourself! Impress your friends or make it a family affair.

Loveless Cafe Pork Butts

Whole Pork Butts may be ordered at the Cafe host stand for $64.99 each. You can choose to pickup hot or cold (allow 4 hours for hot orders) - subject to availability. Your order includes:

  • 1 Whole Pork Butt (average 8lbs, feeds 12-15 people) wrapped in foil, in an aluminum pan
  • 6oz Loveless Cafe Vinegar Soak
  • Heating and Pulling Instructions

Don’t forget to grab a bottle of our “Sweet With A Bite” BBQ Sauce too! We hope you’ll enjoy this fun way to serve some great pulled pork at home! Be sure to share photos on social media with @LovelessCafe and #MyLoveless for the chance to be featured on our Facebook page.

Heating Instructions: In a 400°F oven, heat pork butt inside the aluminum pan with cover for approximately 45-60 minutes. (Caution: HOT!)
Pulling Instructions: Pull off fat cap on top; pull out bone; discard both. Pull apart the pork to desired size chunks, discarding any unwanted fat while pulling. Shake vinegar soak well and mix into pulled pork.