Lil’ Biscuits™

Lil' Biscuits is now the place to shop for all Loveless apparel!

Lil’ Biscuits™ Gift Shop features an assortment of apparel and gifts for everyone in the family! From babies to toddlers to adults of all sizes, Lil’ Biscuits will have something for everyone in your life!


Find all of your favorites!

  • Apparel, hats and more
  • Baby onesies, bibs and socks
  • Toys and snacks
  • Retro toy and candy selections



Hours of Operation

9:00am – 9:00pm Monday-Friday

8:00am- 9:00pm Saturday & Sunday


Call Us at (615) 724-0145



Lil' Biscuits Lil Biscuits 2



Download and print the Lil’ Biscuits Coloring Sheets!

Best Biscuit Buddies

Lil’ Biscuits Take a Sunny Walk

Fish Don’t Eat Bacon!

Bobby Makes Jam

Betty Makes Biscuits!