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Bacon-Infused Vodka Bloody Mary’s

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Bacon-Infused Vodka Bloody Mary. Amazing twist on the classic recipe!

Infusing your own spirits makes any cocktail you serve that much more special. Bottle and package them with hand-written labels and they make great gifts for your friends. Play around with different flavors and see which ones work best in your favorite drinks. The sky is the limit! Here’s how to take your classic Bloody Mary recipe up a notch.










Bacon-Infused Vodka Bloody Mary



Bloody Mary Mix of your choice (we of course recommend our Mason Jar Mary Mix)


Loveless Cafe Country Smoked Bacon (cooked)

Garnishes of Celery, Cooked Bacon Slices and more



Place three strips of bacon into a jar and fill with the vodka so the bacon is completely submerged.  Let sit at room temperature for 12-24 hours. Over time, the small droplets of fat will start to separate and float to the top of the vodka. After 12-24 hours, place the jar of bacon and vodka in a freezer overnight. Using a funnel and coffee filters, pour the frozen bacon vodka through the filter to catch any droplets of fat.  Replace coffee filters as necessary and once complete, filter the entire batch once more to ensure clarity. Mix your infused vodka in a Bloody Mary bar at brunch for a treat everyone will love!



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