Daily Specials

Daily Specials*

Monday Chicken-Fried Chicken n’ Gravy
Tuesday BBQ Chicken
Wednesday Daniel’s Chicken n’ Dumplings
Thursday George’s Watermelon Ribs
Friday Hot Chicken
Saturday ”Honey Fired” BBQ Chicken
Sunday Smoked Beef Brisket


*Subject to Change


Please note that daily specials often sell out before the day is over so please be sure to plan accordingly.


CHICKEN-FRIED CHICKEN N’ GRAVY:  The chefs whip up this special on Mondays and it’s so good that it might just show up on the menu one day.  Fresh chicken breast is pounded flat, hand-breaded and served with a special homemade gravy.


BBQ CHICKEN:  Pitmaster George starts the process for this delicious special on Monday, by marinating the chicken in a special brine with herbs and spices. Come Tuesday, its cooked in the pit over hickory wood with a special BBQ sauce made from scratch just for the chicken. You may want to make sure you come in early, as this is certain to run out before the day is over!


DANIEL’S CHICKEN N’ DUMPLINGS:  So popular, we have to keep this special all year long!  Chef Daniel makes this dish from scratch using fresh-cooked chicken, our own biscuit dough for dumplings and lots of love. Even though he fixes a big ol’ batch of 15 gallons, it sells out every week, so get in early!


WATERMELON RIBS:  Pitmaster George’s signature specialty, St. Louis-style pork ribs are rubbed and smoked then braised in sauce and chunks of fresh watermelon. Available why they last for lunch, so be sure to get in early to get your order!


HOT CHICKEN:  Enjoy our famous Fried Chicken Nashville-style! On Fridays we celebrate this spicy dish native to our hometown by serving it up with two sides, white bread and a pickle.


HONEY-FIRE BBQ CHICKEN:  Half a chicken, basted with homemade sweet and spicy chipotle honey barbecue sauce and cooked in the Loveless pit.  So good, you won’t want to share!


BEEF BRISKET:  Slowly smoked over Tennessee hickory wood, this tasty special is served sliced atop Texas toast and drizzled with drippin’s! A very “special” special!