My Loveless


Debbie R.

My Loveless HAM!!!!

We ordered a big ole honkin country ham from you guys last week and we soaked it for a couple of days and cooked it today. Just had to tell you that it is the best country ham I have tasted since my days growing up on the farm in Red House Virginia Read More

Loveless Cafe Sign-Photo Credit-Miller Mobley

Rhea R.

If I was writing about someone else I suppose this would be a true expose’ but since I am the culprit, then I guess it is a confession. On second thought, it is also an expose’ because I’ve decided to include those in attendance with me on this infamous road trip! Sorry girls (you know who you are) this is a mighty epic tale and needs to be told in full! Read More

Loveless Memories

James M.

It would be a shame to come near Nashville and not eat here. After the first biscuit I knew my Grandmother was close; after the second one I got up and started looking for her. Brought tears to my eyes. … Read More


Avis K.

Greetings from the Texas Hill Country! Last year near Christmas my husband, Sam, and myself gifted ourselves with a holiday trip to Nashville. As many others have done, I became aware of the Loveless Cafe via the Food Network. As luck would have it we beat the morning crowd and experienced a short wait on our first visit to the Loveless Cafe. The Food Network program did not do justice to the actual, real live Loveless dining experience! Read More

Ronnie M. visits the Loveless

Ronnie M.

On behalf of Corvettes Limited in Los Angeles, CA, thank you for your generosity. My husband is a native from Tennessee. We have been fans of The Loveless and the Biscuit Lady for years. Two years ago four of our club members toured Memphis, Nashville and Bowling Green (to see the Corvette Factory). We made it a point to introduce them to The Loveless. They talk about the GREAT food, awesome gift shop and good southern hospitality to this day. Read More


Damon C.

I just wanted you to know that I have been trying to get to the Loveless for years and I finally made it last week!  I was NOT disappointed, the biscuits and the service were great.  I hope to be … Read More


Candi M.

Just visited your cafe this evening. Visiting my daughter and her boyfriend that live in that area. We live in Michigan and have heard many good things about your place.  The food was to die for.  We ate family style, … Read More

Loveless Cafe Sign-Photo Credit-Miller Mobley150

Margie W.

We were on vacation in central Tennessee to celebrate my 60th birthday. Our plans included a show at the Blue Bird Café, so my husband said, “Find a restaurant in Nashville you’d like to have your birthday dinner at and we’ll go!” I contemplated steakhouses, Italian restaurants, etc., but decided what I really wanted was fried green tomatoes. My search for country style cooking led me to the Loveless Café, and we were so glad it did! Read More

Loveless Cafe Sign-Photo Credit-Miller Mobley150

Amanda P.

Hi, My friends and I traveled to Nashville this past weekend for the marathon. I had seen your establishment several times on television, and was very excited about seeing it in person. We arrived on Sunday morning, waited an hour and twenty minutes (which we expected), and thoroughly enjoyed the atmosphere while waiting. Read More


Alicia G.

I lived in Nashville from 2003 to 2010 and every time I had a visitor in town I took them to your place. The website has wonderful photography that can does its best to portray the true feeling of a southern home but a true taste of the fair can only do Loveless Cafe justice. Read More