Famous Quotes

Nashville Scene

Critic’s Choice for Best Resurrection of an Institution: Loveless Café “For more than 50 years, the Loveless Café on Highway 100 was a destination for generations of Nashvillians and a who’s-who of visiting celebrities and dignitaries. Sadly, for the last … Read More

Country Weekly

“Homemade biscuits and preserves are the calling card for this Nashville institution. The biscuits keep coming till you have had your fill.”   Country Weekly

Huntsville Times

“Just a few miles out of Nashville may be the best country restaurants this side of paradise.”   Huntsville Times

Atlanta Journal

“The biscuits come by the chorus – 8 to a plate with red eye gravy and homemade peach, blackberry, and strawberry preserves playing back-up.”   Atlanta Journal – Constitution Jim Auchmutey, Walter Cumming

Country America

“Al Gore, Princess Anne, and just about any Country Star you could name have all pulled up a chair to Loveless Café’s red checkered tablecloths.”   Country America

People Magazine

“the best in America”   People Magazine on Loveless Country Ham

USA Today

“Loveless Restaurant, the real McCoy of Southern cooking.”   USA Today

Bon Appetit

“On a scale of 1 to 10, my breakfast came in at about a 14.”   Jefferson Morgan of Bon Appetit

Martha Stewart

“it was the best breakfast I’ve ever had. . .”   Martha Stewart

NBC Today

“World’s greatest scratch biscuits.”   Willard Scott NBC Today