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Since y’all are kind enough to follow us on Social Media sites like Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and others, we like to repay that kindness by doing periodic giveaways on those sites.  These types of giveaways do need to have a set of official rules, so we have those rules posted here on the website for your review.  Click here to read our Social Media Giveaway Official Rules, and read on below for some things you can expect from our giveaways:



Every Friday afternoon starting at 12:00pm or 1:00pm Central time, we will have a giveaway on Twitter.  Prizes might include music, merchandise from our Online Store, or maybe even gift certificates to come eat with us out here at the Loveless Cafe!


The giveaways are governed by our Official Rules and you must follow our official twitter account @LovelessCafe. Other than that, we’ll tell you what you need to do to win each Friday.  Sometimes you might just have to retweet or reply to one of our messages, while other times we might ask for a picture or a contribution using a hashtag. Whatever it is, it won’t be hard to enter because we want you to participate and win!


So if you want to play, follow us on Twitter. Then, pay special attention on Fridays when we will tweet the details of that week’s contest. Follow the directions we set forth and you might just wind up a Free Stuff Friday winner!  Good Luck!




Facebook recently said it was OK to do giveaways and promotions right on a Facebook page, and we plan to take advantage of that!  Now that we have more than 40,000 folks who have liked our page, we’d love to give a little something back! Make sure you don’t miss anything by following our Facebook page, and then watch for giveaway posts!  You never know when we might have a prize to share! Giveaways on our Facebook page will be subject to the Social Media giveaway Official Rules.



We try to keep up with all of the latest developments in social media, so we have profiles set up on Pinterest, Instagram, and lots of other places!  You never know when inspiration strikes to run a giveaway, so watch all of these site for future announcements.  As with all other giveaways we run on these external sites, they are governed by our Social Media Giveaway Official Rules.





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