Loveless Cafe Bacon Party

Everything you need to host your own Bacon Party - Recipes, Printables - plus a chance to win a YEAR SUPPLY OF BACON from the Loveless Cafe!

THIS CONTEST IS NOW CLOSED – but you can still throw your own Loveless Bacon Party!


Have you ever wanted to throw a party unlike any other? Something unique, fun and unforgettable? Well then you’ve come to the right place! Being the bunch of bacon lovers that we are, we wanted to pull together all the tools you’ll need to throw your very own Bacon Party at home. From recipes to invitations, we’ve got you covered! On top of that, we want to reward you (big time) for doing it! Not for the faint of heart (literally), this party is for the true bacon warriors. The ones who get that bacon is NOT a trend, but a lifestyle. The ones who believe that bacon truly does go with everything. The folks who know that if you don’t like bacon you’re just plain WRONG!


Okay, okay, maybe we got a little carried away. But we are so excited to have you join in on the fun and participate in Loveless Cafe’s first ever Bacon Party challenge! As we mentioned above, we’ve provided below tools to get started on your sizzlin’ soiree and now we want to see what you come up with. Whether you decide to throw a simple brunch or an all out Bacon Lover’s Bash, submit your pictures and recipes via the form below and we just might feature them on our website! And, as an added bonus, we’re giving away a ONE YEAR SUPPLY OF BACON for FREE* to the best bacon party submission! We don’t know about you, but winning a prize for throwing a party and having fun with your friends sounds like a pretty sweet deal to us.


So if we’ve got your attention and you want to participate in the Bacon Party challenge, here’s what you need to do:


  1. Use some of the tools below, like our tried and true bacon recipes, our printable Bacon Party invitations, bacon tasting cards or even our printable bacon mustache prop  to plan your own Bacon Party. Just pick your favorites, as we hope to see your own creative and delicious bacon recipes too.

  1. Invite your bacon-loving friends. Gather a group – large or small – and set a date for your Bacon Party before the end of June. Be as creative as you wish with your event! From themes to costumes to decorations, think of what’s going to make your party really sizzle!

  1. Stock up on Bacon! It really is the best in the land, or at least we think so. We also think it would be the perfect addition to a bacon party, hint, *cough, hint). 

  1. Be sure to take lots of photographic evidence of the bacon madness that will no doubt ensue. If you Instagram or Tweet your photos, use the hashtag #lovelessbaconparty.


  1. Via the form below, submit a brief description of your Bacon Party and what made it pig perfection! Upload your favorite photos from the event and at least ONE unique bacon recipe which is not listed here that you included in your menu by 5pm, EST on Monday, July 1st. You may submit more than once for your party. We understand that the parties of pork perfection may have more great recipes and photos than can fit in the form below.



And that’s it! We can’t wait to see how all the other bacon lovers out there choose to celebrate our favorite food/hobby/pastime. Get to plannin’ and submit those pictures! Our favorites just might end up on our website and, don’t forget (how could you?), the best bacon party wins a FREE one year supply of Loveless Bacon. Good luck and happy fryin’!


* One year supply of bacon includes 52 pounds (yes, you read that right) with a variety of Original, Peppered, Cajun and Jalapeño flavors. We will ship them to you all at once – or you may choose up to four different domestic addresses to split up the prize between should you feel generous.



Bacon Party Printables




Bacon Party Mailing Invitations | Bacon Party InstructionsBacon Party Tasting Notes | Bacon Party Menu Cards | I’m Having a Loveless Bacon Party! | Bacon Party Mustache Prop



Click for some Bacon Party “Pinspiration” and see our Bacon board on Pinterest.

Bacon Party Recipes