Christmas Cookies and Cocktails

Loveless Cafe's Cookies and Cocktails

As Featured in the December issue of Social Magazine


We knew there was a reason Santa’s cheeks were rosy. The holiday season is upon us and your calendar is about to be packed full of office parties, family gatherings, gift swaps, fancy dinners and just about every other kind of soiree you can imagine. Not one to be left out of the party-throwing festivities, we’ve come up with a simple and timeless theme that allows your party guests a unique, foodie experience that they’ll love. Pairing craftsman cocktails and scrumptious cookies is less stuffy than a wine and cheese party but feels more thoughtful than simply serving drinks and hors d’oeuvres. It’s the subtle details and minimalistic prep work that keep this Christmas Cookies and Cocktails gathering stress free and down right fabulous. To get you started, we’ve paired up four deliciously festive beverages with equally tasty cookies.

Christmas Eggnog and Classic Gingerbread Men

Nothing says Christmas like this time-honored combination. Our recipe for Eggnog uses a splash of Southern Comfort to warm those chilly nights.


Eggnog recipe here.

Gingerbread cookie recipe here.












Sparkling Ginger Champagne and Apricot-Pine Nut Cookies

Simple ginger syrup added to a glass of Champagne gives this beverage a splash of elegance that is enhanced by the subtle flavors of pine nuts and apricots in the cookies.


Ginger Champagne recipe here.

Apricot- Pine Nut cookie recipe here









Hot Buttered ‘Shine and Oatmeal-Carrot-Raisin Cookies

A twist on the classic Hot Buttered Rum, this cocktail swaps out rum for Apple Pie Moonshine and is a foolproof version of the favorite warm cocktail. The flavor is complemented by another cold-weather staple, Oatmeal Raisin Cookies. While these cookie favorites can sometimes become a little dry, the addition of freshly grated carrot to this recipe keeps them moist and delicious!


Hot Buttered ‘Shine recipe here.

Oatmeal-Carrot-Raisin cookie recipe here





Whisper Creek & “Coal” with Pecan Sandies

Made here in Nashville, Whisper Creek is an American version of Irish Cream, Tennessee style! Delicious in hot coffee or on the rocks, we blended those options by freezing strong black coffee into lumps of “coal” and pouring the deliciously smooth cream liqueur right over the top. The buttery Pecan Sandies are an outstanding balance to the flavors of caramel and pecan in Whisper Creek.


Whisper Creek & “Coal” recipe here.

Pecan Sandies recipe here