Fall Decor Inspiration

Fall Decor Inspiration

As Featured in the November issue of Williamson Social Magazine


Add a Touch of Nature to Your Harvest Decor


NOVEMBER marks the beginning of holiday entertaining, family gatherings and an overall time to make celebrations just a little more special. How to do that, you might ask, when you have neither the time nor the budget to spend on decor?


Visit Pinterest and you’ll find an endless array of simple and affordable decorating ideas. At the Loveless Barn we provide the canvas for wonderful events such as tables, linens, chairs, silver and glassware and we then watch event planners – both professionals and beginners – transform the tabletops into magical presentations of the event’s theme.


Nature provides a great array of no-cost and low-cost supplies to work with including small tree sprigs with autumn fruit on them, harvest-colored wildflowers from the roadside, or ornate pumpkins, gourds and other fun vegetables from the local field, farmer’s market or grocery store. Scour your storage shed or garage, or the local tag sale or thrift store for uniquely shaped and colored bottles. Reclaim old candle holders and use them as risers for your containers to add height and depth to your display, keeping your guests’ ability to speak through and over them in mind.

Raphia and twine make for simple yet elegant fall accents – so inexpensive and yet so versatile. Use them to decorate your rolled napkins like napkin rings, or loop through a small hole in a hand-lettered name tag and tie it to a small pumpkin stem, making your own harvest-themed place holders.


The vegetables can be artistically placed as we have done in these photos to add color and texture to any display. Small pumpkins can also be carved out and made into holders for votive candles to line your dining table or serving display.


Make it a family affair and take the whole gang to the local orchard, get out and enjoy the sights, sounds and colors of fall and then pick out the table decorations together. These tips and techniques are simple enough for the kids to join in and be a part of things and they will treasure the time spent together and this tradition for holidays to come.


When you think of fall, you often think of those cool nights and the first crackling fires of the season. Our recipe for s’more cookies contain all the same wonderful ingredients – graham cracker crumbs, chocolate and mini-marshmallows – of the famed fireside treats, with none of the mess. Incorporate them into your meal and relive the fireside magic of a cool autumn night from your childhood. Click here for the recipe.