Making Moonshine Cocktails

Making Moonshine Cocktails - Great Recipes from the Loveless Cafe

Legend has it that original Loveless Cafe owner Lon Loveless was known for loving his moonshine.  So much so, the story goes, that he was kicked out of his role of Sheriff of Hickman County for bootlegging.  If the story is true, we have this legend to thank for Lon and Annie first moving into the home that they would eventually turn into the Loveless Cafe.  Our guests tell us stories how once the Cafe was up and running, Annie Loveless would put empty milk bottles on the back porch when police were inside so all Lon’s moonshine buddies knew to stay away!


Here in the Cafe, we serve Tennessee’s own Short Mountain Moonshine our menu.  Whether you choose to have it all on its own or paired with something to make it go down a little easier, each order of moonshine will be served in a mini mason jar mug for you to keep.  Choose from “Rise & ‘Shine” with orange juice, “Corn n’ Coke” with Coca-Cola, “Sour Dog” with grapefruit juice, “Harvest Moon” with sweet peach iced tea or the “Moonshine Mary” with our own signature bloody mary mix.


White dog is the traditional name for whiskey right after it comes out of the still but before it is barreled and aged at all. Of course there are other names for it, White Lighting, Moonshine or just plain “Corn Likker”.


Now, these days it seems there’s few things as hot as moonshine, so we thought we would share a few of our favorite cocktails all in one spot.


“White Julep” Moonshine Cocktail 

There’s not much more Southern than a classic Mint Julep. We thought we would give this Kentucky favorite a Tennessee twist by replacing the Bourbon with good ole’ moonshine!  But be careful, folks. Despite the sweet name and delicate presentation, this drink really packs a punch. Please enjoy responsibly!












Watermelon Crawl Moonshine Cocktail

Created by a few of the Loveless Cafe servers, this extra-refreshing moonshine drink has been added to the menu at the Cafe.  The simple light flavors of fresh watermelon and lemonade have made this a favorite summertime drink.













Blue Moon Cocktail

Perfect for sitting on the porch on a hot summer day, this moonshine drink will have you seeing stars if you’re not careful!  This is one that works great in big batches and only gets better as the blueberries marinate in that moonshine! Please drink responsibly.












Loveless Potion #9

Don’t let the sweet cherry-orange taste of this one fool you!  This moonshine potion features moonshine-soaked cherries from Ole Smoky Moonshine out of Gatlinburg, Tennessee.  If you can’t get your hands on some of these deliciously-powerful cherries, try soaking some of your own for 7-10 days.  As always, please drink responsibly.












Farmer’s Almanac Moonshine Cocktail

This light and fresh cocktail can really pack a punch!  We make ours with Collier & McKeel Tennessee moonshine, but you can use whatever you can get your hands on.  As always, please drink responsibly!












Bee Sting Moonshine Cocktail

The addition of lemon and honey makes this cocktail downright medicinal – sure to cure all that ails ya!  As always, we at the Loveless really want to make sure you drink responsibly.













Check out a few of these Moonshine Cocktails on the video below!