May is National BBQ Month!

National BBQ Month at the Loveless Cafe

It’s a little known fact that the smokehouse at the Loveless Cafe is smoldering with hickory wood 24 hours a day.  In fact, it is the Loveless Pitmaster that’s the first person here on property every morning, tending to the coals at 3am!


Since May is National BBQ Month, we thought we would join in the celebration with a whole month full of special smoked goodies!  Keep your eyes on our Facebook page and be sure you have signed up for email updates, as we’ll be posting new recipes, videos and even a special menu item here or there. . .


Also, we have created a whole category of special ingredients to help your boost your BBQ in our online store.  Find our seasonings, sauces and relishes – sure to add some good Southern flavor to all your grillin’ goodies!