Desserts That Make You Wanna Slap Your Momma

Posted Tuesday, September 27th 2011 at 9:13am but Her Nashville


The Loveless Cafe is known for their down-home, Southern breakfast and food, from country ham to sorghum to, well, their biscuits and gravy! But did you know that they have a delicious selection of dessert?

Alisa Huntsman has been baking up a storm at Loveless for seven years. You might recognize her name not from the cafe but from a popular (among baking enthusiasts anyway) recipe book called Sky High Cakes. Since she’s started baking at the Loveless Cafe, Alisa has been experimenting and coming up with more wonderful recipes that she’s now generously shared with us in her new recipe book, Desserts From The Famous Loveless Cafe: Simple Southern Pies, Puddings, Cakes and Cobblers.

By the way I take no credit for the title of this post, it’s actually quoting Paula Deen talking about the recipes who said “You’ll fall in love with the biscuits first, but the desserts will make ya wanna slap yo momma!!!” If you say so Paula!

To literally give us a taste of what the book offers, The Loveless Cafe hosted a group of us food lovers and writers one morning and stuffed us full of their hams and jams and a smorgasboard of Alisa’s cakes, pies and cookies.

Loveless Desserts

Coconut custard pie, banana pudding, cherry cobbler, sweet potato pie, lemon tunnel-of-love cake, magic bars… I was on a sugar high that day and I was in no hurry to come off it.

The recipe book is great for a number of reasons, the foremost being the recipes are easy. Alisa told us that she wanted to make everything simple and kept her ingredients and instructions down to one page each. Those of you who bake a lot know how crucial it is when you’re trying out a new recipe for the first time and it’s three pages long and you have to flip back and forth all the time. No need with this book – want to make Persimmon Pie? It’s right there. Chocolate cookie-peanut butter pie? Picture’s on the right, recipe’s on the facing page. No flipping pages and getting batter everywhere, no muss, no fuss.

Secondly, it’s local. All the pictures were taken at the Loveless Cafe. All the recipes conceptualized there as well so it’s a great gift to bestow on friends from other states and when you make these pies and sweets for the upcoming holidays you can boast that they’re genuinely down-home, Nashville recipes.

The book also includes tips like foolproof method for rolling out cookie dough, making the perfect cut for cookies, and definitions of what a crisp is bs. a betty or cobbler. It’s a user-friendly book for bakers of all skill levels. I cannot wait to make these pies!

There’s a few ways you can get this book: From the Loveless Cafe Online Store or from their shop the next time you’re there. From Amazon if you’re lazy like I am or you can try to win the book from food blogger Leah of So How’s It Taste who is giving a signed copy of the recipe book away. Find out how you can win here.

Thank you to the Loveless Cafe and Alisa Huntsman for feeding us a glorious meal and for sharing their desserts with us. Like I said I can’t wait to start on these recipes, and when you get your own copy of the book, you’ll be eager to try them too!


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Loveless Cafe Desserts Alisa Huntsman